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TINT S.à.r.l.-s is your partner when it comes to finding the right medium for your message. With 10 years of experience and a strong local network of creative industry professionals, we have access to everything you need for your communication, event management and publishing aspirations. We manage your media projects from beginning to finish so you can concentrate on your work. Look no further, contact us and tell us what you want to achieve. We are confident we can find the solution you are looking for.  



After running a network agency for creative industry professionals (TRUST IN TALENT) for 10 years, Kristian James Horsburgh founded TINT S.à.r.l.-s in Jan. 2020. A media and events management agency. TINT services a wide variety of clients. From artists that need support with their branding, social media and publishing to businesses and public institutions that need help with their community management, general communication and event management aspirations. 

TINT S.à.r.l.-s provides consultancy and management services in the following three domains: Media, Events, Publishing 










Media is the plural of medium. A medium is no more than a carrier of information. We provide cutting edge media consulting and management solutions to our clients so they reach the audience they need to communicate to. We believe that every medium has its merit. The secret lies in finding the right medium for the message that is to be conveyed. It might need a webpage, a blog, a song, a video, a logo, a magazine, a flyer, an experience or a podcast. There are many more not listed above. Whether you need all the above or just one of the information vehicles, we provide the best solution for your needs. Let us know if you need to get an information across to your audience.

An event is also a medium. It conveys certain pieces of information to the person experiencing the event. It is very important to be the master of the information that is vehiculated on an event so as not to create undesired outcomes. This can only be ensured by hiring professional event managers. It is also important that those professionals are more than simple managers. They need to bring a very wide variety of skills and resources to the table. We have more than many years of experience in managing events and have a personal relationship with artists and service providers of the event sector. Reach out to us if you want to create an unforgettable personal experience for your audience. 

Where creative ideas are born there is also always the question of publishing involved. The creator may have the root idea and product ready, but the publisher gives it its finishing touch and makes sure it is well distributed. Publishing is a means for the media manager to become invested in the success of the media content that is being managed. We can provide content creators with the help they need to broadcast their content and grow their audience. We can also be a support when it comes to making sure that the royalties that are due are paid out to the creator. Get in contact with us if you think you have any creative content you would like us to promote, protect and distribute.




TINT S.à.r.l-s

12 op de Pëtzen

8396, Septfontaines


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